All wrapped up!

The campaign is all wrapped up, and I raised 50% of my goal! This is actually a wonderful result. My goal of $7500 was admittedly aiming very high, but that is why I chose flexible funding. After all the fees are deducted, I raised $3225 which is not a measly sum!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the campaign!

Everyone who selected perks will receive them as the materials become available. Fundamental Keys Book 1 will ship out shortly to those who chose to receive books. The Book 1 videos will be sent in a couple of weeks. It is my goal to complete Book 2 and its videos in April, and Book 3 with videos in July.

For full disclosure, The $3225 I am receiving from the campaign will be used as follows:

Book 1 video recording:  $450
Book 1 video editing:       $900

Book 2 video recording: $450
Book 2 video editing:      $900

Book 3 video recording: $450

That leaves $75 to go towards printing and postage costs for those who selected book perks. I estimate those costs will come to $325. So, $250 in books and postage and the $900 to edit the Book 3 videos will be coming out of my pocket. This should be fine, because the books and videos will have generated some income by the time that cost rolls around. I won’t have to delay it for financial reasons.

So, hopefully this post makes it clear that the campaign was a great success in my book!

THANKS AGAIN to all contributors and those who helped to spread the word!

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2 Responses to All wrapped up!

  1. Reg Burgess says:

    For my “perks” I would be happy enough to download EVERYTHING to help save on packaging and postage.

    I mistreat printed material anyway, so have learned to photocopy sheet music before attempting to play anything.
    This gives me “working copies” that I can scribble on.

    .pdf files are actually BETTER for me than bound books.
    I think spiral bind is relatively cheap and they are a lot easier to prop up on the music stand – or lay flat on my scanner for making working copies.

    Same with the videos, the links are as useful to me as CDs/DVDs – and unless you use elaborate copy protection I could burn to disc if I ever wanted to.

    • Pierre G says:

      Same here,

      I purchased the new Book 1 and all videos from previous version. The binding in the new version actually is not spiral so a bit more difficult.

      I also would not mind having a downloading area where you could purchase books in pdf and videos in MP4 like now or any other formats. Like previously said it would save on time/shipping,etc.

      Keep up the GREAT work.

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