Private Lessons

Private piano lessons with Rachel Jimenez in Brooklyn NY or online

My studio is located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. I earned piano performance degrees from New England Conservatory and Yale University and consider being a piano teacher to be my vocation. I will always pursue a certain amount of performing and recording throughout my career, but teaching is my primary focus. I consider it not only a privilege but also a responsibility to share the expertise I have gained through the years with others. I write more about this on the biography page.

I am qualified to teach students ranging from beginner to conservatory level. I have many students who cover a wide range of ages and abilities, and I enjoy working with all of them. It is very interesting to me to help children and adults at all stages of pianistic development. The only prerequisite to studying with me is that the student must be enthusiastic about playing classical music.

teaching2If you are looking for piano lessons in Brooklyn, please do not hesitate to contact me. My usual procedure, if I have any availability, is to schedule an informal interview at my studio (free-of-charge, of course). We will talk over what you are looking for in a piano teacher and what I would expect from you as a student. If we hit it off, and both agree to proceed, we can take it from there.

Skype-LogoIn addition to offering private lessons in person at my studio, I am very excited to be able to offer online piano lessons using Skype video conferencing software. If you don’t live near me, but you like what you’ve read and heard about my approach and my playing, why not schedule a session? Whether you are an adult beginner using Fundamental Keys on your own or an advanced pianist interested in a coaching with someone different from your regular teacher, I’d be happy to work with you. I never charge for time spent on technical setup. Once everything is ready to go, the lessons go very smoothly. I can hear and see you play on your own piano, offer my suggestions, and demonstrate things to you from my own piano. It really works! Contact me to find out more or to schedule a session.

vimeo_logoOne more possibility if you are interested in getting input from me on your playing would be using pre-recorded video or audio. You can record yourself at your convenience, upload it to a free service like Vimeo, YouTube, or Soundcloud, and share the link with me. I would watch it at my convenience and then share my thoughts with you by phone, by Skype, or even by recording my own video response. The advantage to this approach is that you can play and record whenever it’s convenient for you, and I will hear it in better audio quality than over Skype.

As you can probably tell, I love using technology and the internet to facilitate piano instruction for anyone!